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Organic India Immunity 90 Capsules Immune Support

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  • Organic India 45-day supply

    The herbs in this supplement will provide your body with a wide variety of nutrients to help keep you healthy and your immune system in check. Each herb in this formula has been carefully selected for its ability to help maintain a healthy immune system and protect against seasonal threats.
  • Our herbs are grown and harvested with great care and attention to sustainability. We partner with small family farmers to restore and rejuvenate the land and their lives.
  • We are proud to announce that our manufacturing facility at Narsapura in Karnataka, India has become the first food production facility in India to obtain LEED® Platinum certification—the highest environmental standard in the world.

Protect yourself from the daily stressors our body is exposed to, such as pollution and bacteria. Organic India's immune herbal supplement is a powerful blend of the finest organically grown herbs and Ayurvedic botanicals that provides your body with essential nutrients that help you maintain a healthy body and healthy immune function.

For best Results we would advise taking 2 Capsules twice Daily Morning & Afternoon with or without food All our Herbs are fine to take together.


A traditional Ayurvedic formula. Organic India's Immune Herbs are made from the finest herbs, roots, berries and fruits that Indian civilization has known for thousands of years. It has been revered for centuries for its ability to purify the blood and build immunity in the body. It is an adaptogen which means that it helps your body adapt to stress as well as stressors such as toxins and oxidants. The combination of these ingredients makes it a powerful immune-modulating herb blend.

Organic India empowers people to live healthy, vibrant lives. Our herbs are sources from responsible and ethical family farms in India. Tens of thousands of acres of organic, regenerative farmland provide a life of dignity for our farmers while revitalizing communities and our environment.

  • It’s important to maintain your immune system health because a compromised immune system can leave you vulnerable to colds and other illnesses. This supplement is formulated to help maintain your immune health while supporting its general function.
  • This unique blend of ancient Ayurvedic herbs encourages your body's natural resilience and overall well-being. The herbs in the blend work synergistically to support the body's natural defense system.

Also contains Katuki, a self-regenerating herb that has been used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine to support respiratory health. It nourishes both the respiratory and intestinal linings, helping to improve gut health, and is also thought to have anti-inflammatory properties.