Tulsi lemon & Ginger

Tulsi lemon & Ginger
Tulsi lemon & Ginger

Everyone loves teas. But the kind of tea we normally have is full of unhealthy stuff. Many people believe that the commonly available tea is a healthier way to get caffeine than coffee, soda, or energy drinks. However, nothing is far from the truth. Fluoride, pesticides, added flavors, GMOs (modified corn starch, soy lecithin), and artificial ingredients are found in conventional teas.

But you don’t need to give up drinking tea. All you need to do is to replace this unhealthy tea with a healthful Ayurvedic tea. And there are some amazing Ayurvedic combinations for tea. These combinations are not only healthy but also tasty. One such healthy herbal combination is tulsi, lemon, and ginger tea.


Tulsi is regarded as the incarnation of the Goddess of prosperity. And therefore, Indian households have a tradition of planting tulsi plants in their house. Tulsi is a storehouse of amazing health benefits.

Tulsi helps to protect from the pathogenic infections

It is also a great blood purifying agent and therefore, it is immensely beneficial in all blood and skin-related disorders.

To balance vata dosha and helps to combat digestive disorders like constipation, bloating, stomachache, etc.

By balancing the dryness causing vata dosha, Tulsi also helps to prevent dryness in the skin and hair.

Tulsi also helps to balance the vitiated kapha dosha. Hence, it is very helpful in kapha related disorders like indigestion, heaviness after meals, drowsiness, or numbness in body parts.

These are a few of the multiple other health benefits of tulsi. It contains a huge store of anti-oxidants and anti-microbial properties.  Its excellent anti-aging effect protects the cells from early degeneration and promotes a youthful appearance.


Lemon is one of the most widely used and loved herbs for its unique tangy taste! Lemon is no less than turmeric when it comes to nutrients and health benefits.

Lemon is an excellent appetizer. Its super tangy taste helps to stimulate the taste buds and increase saliva secretion.

Its taste also helps to stimulate mucus secretion all over the digestive tract and helps to protect the mucosal lining from the harsh chemicals that may be present in the food.

The powerful antimicrobial action of lemon helps to deep cleanse the tissues in the body.


Ginger needs no introduction for its unique health benefits. It is one rog the best digestives according to Ayurveda. Its Sanskrit name is "adrak" or the one that moisturizes the body.

The sharp and penetrating action of ginger stimulates the digestive juices and kindles hunger.

It also helps to enhance the g=digestive fire and eliminate almost all digestive disorders.

It is warming and helps to increase the body temperature. Thus, a tea with ginger is an ideal treat for a cold day.

At the same time, the heat-enhancing ginger helps to stimulate sweat production. Thus, it is also very helpful in reducing body temperature.

Because of its powerful antipathogenic action, and its sweat stimulating property, ginger is an excellent remedy for fever relief naturally.

Take Away

The amazing combination of tulsi, lemon, and ginger brings together the best of the health properties and positively affects all the body parts. Whether it is summer heat or winter blues, you can rely on the tulsi lemon and ginger tea to make your day a cozy and comfortable one. 

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